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of the family-owned company Kühne


of the family-owned company Kühne

How it all began

10 generations committed to fine taste

How did it actually all begin? And how long has Kühne red cabbage, the best-selling red cabbage in Germany actually been around? We invite you on a journey through our almost 300 years of history. Enjoy!



It all began in 1722 in Berlin. Frederick William I was king of Prussia and Berlin an aspiring residence. Johannn Daniel Epinius founds a small vinegar distillery and thus lays the foundation for one of the largest companies in gourmet food and vinegar in Europe. In 1762, the vinegar distillery comes into the hands of Friedrich Wilhelm Kühne, the next in line.


The fourth generation

Carl Ernst Wilhelm Kühne takes over the vinegar distillery as successor and gives it his name. From this point on, Kühne brand history. He creates a trademark with his signature – today the family name is still part of the company logo. In the same year, he becomes the first vinegar brewer in Germany to introduce the Schützenbachian quick vinegar production process. In doing so, he succeeds in making the crucial step from a craftman's business to a manufacturing company.


Royal purveyor

In 1867, Carl Kühne, the son of Carl Ernst Wilhelm, is declared royal purvey to the court by "His Majesty the King".  Even as early as this period, the commitment to quality receives deserved recognition.

1896 to 1905

Years of expansion

The range is expanded and numerous production facilities are built throughout Germany. Mustard (1896), Mayonnaise (1902), Sauerkraut (1903) and Gherkins (1905) are added. With acumen and a pioneering spirit, Carl Kühne’s son Wilhelm leads the company into the new century and lays the foundation for a prosperous enterprise with his work.


SUROL – A brand is born

In August 1906, the herbal vinegar SUROL is registered with the Imperial Patent Office as a trademark. SUROL is thus the first brand of vinegar in Germany and probably one of the first German brand products ever. Coming up with the name back then was very simple: They took the word "sauerkraut", crossed out every other letter and presto, the brand name SUROL was left.


The seventh generation

The main plant in Berlin is largely destroyed during the war in 1943.


Reconstruction in Hamburg

After the war, many production plants are badly damaged or even destroyed. Many facilities are also lost as a consequence of the division of Germany. The central administration is relocated from Berlin to Hamburg in Altona. Today, the company headquarters is still the Kühnehöfe. Production is set in motion again.

1948 to 1956

Years of expansion follow

New production facilities, new manufacturing processes and modern products promote growth. Kühne invests in research and product development. Over the years, new manufacturing processes, innovative recipes and thus regular new products that customers don’t want to do without thanks to the expertise of special refining processes, .


Kühne squeezes the tube

Kühne performs pioneering work and introduces gourmet food in tubes.


Ready-to-serve red cabbage is introduced

Being able to enjoy fine red cabbage without getting blue fingers from chopping cabbage is "Convenience at its best” back then and a bold idea.

Because Lisel Kühne, the mother to Carl Wilhelm Kühne, was bothered so much by having stained fingers that she pressed for offering ready-to-serve red cabbage – a wish that became reality in 1957. Kühne red cabbage saved housewives from this point on much time and effort, and it is now the best-selling cabbage in Germany.


Salad can now give everyone their fix

The first ready-to-eat salad dressing "SALATFIX" is introduced in Germany under the Kühne brand. Even today, almost half a century later, Kühne is the undisputed market leader in salad dressings.


A new millennium

Innovation from tradition: yesterday, today, tomorrow. Today, Kühne employs its own innovation team that drives the development of market innovations. The key factors for successful developments are mainly meeting current consumer needs and creating added value in addition to speed and assertiveness. Successful examples are Kühne Ready-To-Serve Red Cabbage, ready to serve in 2 minutes or Balsamissimo, a creamy mild balsamic cream.


ENJOY – Simply good for me!

Now there’s the brand ENJOY by Kühne

– with products that taste good and are also good for you. How is that possible? With the proper ingredients and unbeatable recipes. We love the rapeseed oil in the vinaigrette for its omega-3 fatty acids, the super fruits acai and acerola are our heroes in the dressing. Our vegan and gluten-free salad cream is truly tasty. Additives, flavour enhancers or flavourings do not make their way into our vegetable crisps bag.