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A balanced and healthy diet is very important for people’s health and productivity. Plant foods in particular have health benefits and support a sustainable diet. At Kühne a balanced diet with enjoyment and passion for food simply go hand in hand. That is why we develop products with the well-being of consumers in mind. We take this standard very seriously with our brand promise of "Simply good food” and accompany our consumers throughout their daily lives.

Our products, our responsibility

Our mission is to provide a benefit to our consumers with out products. Using continuous trend and consumer research studies including product-related research and development, we develop consumer products or adapt existing products to meet the changing needs of consumers. It is especially important to us to involve our consumers in the development of products from the outset. We learn from consumer feedback and include nutritional aspects for an optimal diet to continuously improve our products. What’s more, we work with research institutions to optimise the quality of our products for our consumers and take research aspects into account.

Knowing where it comes from

Honesty is very important for us as a family-owned company. That is why each of our products contains a detailed nutrition label which provides our consumers quickly and easily with all information about the ingredients in our products. In addition, GDA information on the front of the packaging offer guidance on how a portion of our product contributes to a daily diet. QR codes on our packaging contain additional information, recipes and more suggestions.

Our contribution to your well-being

High quality of raw materials according to Kühne quality standards is the basis for the enjoyment and passion for food. We believe a professional quality management is a matter of course and can be found throughout the entire value chain of our company. This begins right from the careful selection of our suppliers whose raw materials are then tested during detailed inspections of incoming goods for high quality and are approved for production once their quality has been confirmed. All our products are checked again before they leave our works in the final product inspection. These are of course regularly monitored by independent audit companies and by our partners themselves which is why all the production facilities have been certified according to IFS 6.