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Appreciation & Employee Development

It is our concern to support and push the employees of Kühne employees in their areas of expertise because we are convinced that only the personal contributions of all employees makes Kühne a successful company. That is why we provide a framework for professional dialogue between managers and employees through regular staff development interviews. Goals and priorities to be achieved or implemented are defined based on the company’s and individual business unit’s strategies. Further training, which are selected according to both a specific job (e.g. IT training) and individual staff member (e.g. management training), aim to support staff and gradually expand know-how within the company. Our employees’ performance deserves attention and appreciation. Each year, individual employees or teams are honoured with the "Kühne Champion" award for those people who make a significant contribution in the categories Growth & Innovation, Employees & Company Culture and Cost Efficiency & Process Optimisation. The categories provide a broad spectrum to chose a “Kühne Champion” from the nominations of all colleagues. All employees can become a “Kühne Champion”, regardless of their position. In addition, the Kühne Advancement Award is awarded annually to an outstanding staff member. This is a special token of our appreciation for young ambitious talents regardless of they are still in training or not and who receive support due to their contribution to the company by means of a scholarship.

Healthiness & Prevention

We want to encourage our employees to lead a healthy lifestyle because the health of all employees is something that is close to our hearts. That is why we organise a health day at our Hamburg location twice per year. This provides our employees with the opportunity to get informed about health issues and a healthy lifestyles in the workplace as well as in their free time and for them to try sport activities and relaxation exercises. In addition, experts offer personal counselling sessions or general lectures tips & tricks for a health-conscious life in the office and at home. The aim of these events is to motivate our employees to lead a sustainable, active and healthy lifestyle. Safety is a top priority at all our locations, especially in our production facilities. Specially trained professionals in occupational safety check compliance with applicable laws according to current health and safety regulations on a regular basis. Furthermore, we offer regularly recurring training sessions for our employees on preventing accidents in the workplace.