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Gundelsheim a brand of Kühne


a brand of Kühne

Dear Gundelsheim customer,

we want to thank you for many years of customer loyalty. We always appreciated your interest in our brand.

But now it’s time for change! As you might know, Gundelsheim is owned by Kühne. Since Kühne is known worldwide the Gundelsheim products will now be branded under the Kühne name. Kühne can look back on almost 300 years of business, we were founded in 1722. This makes Kühne to one of the oldest family-run companies in the German Food Industry. The Kühne brand stands for high quality, fresh tasting products and is one of today´s most popular brands in Germany.

Besides traditional products as gherkins and sauerkraut Kühne also offers a wide range of dressings, vinegars and other delicious products. To check out the brand and our products, just visit

We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.