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Enjoy Vegetable Crisps

The vegetables make our crisps

Enjoy Vegetable Crisps

The vegetables make our crisps

About ENJOY Vegetable Crisps

When you think of crisps, you automatically think of potatoes. But there's more and in colour! Our ENJOY vegetable crisps made from beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato mingle with the crunchy folk and provide a crispy snack alternative.

  • The vegetables make our crisps.

Come crunch with us!

Get away from potatoes and turn to vegetables. Beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato have got dressed up for ENJOY vegetable crisps. Paper thin, baked in sunflower oil and deliciously seasoned – ENJOY!

Made with love and care

Only the best, carefully selected vegetables are used to make our ENJOY vegetable crisps that we ensure by conducting strict and regular quality controls.

Varied crunchy enjoyment

No additives, flavour enhancers or flavourings. Vegan and gluten-free.

Simply good for me!

That's why there’s the brand ENJOY by Kühne – with products that taste good and are also good for you.

That's possible - with the proper ingredients and unbeatable recipes. ENJOY!