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Our Sauerkraut

At a glance

Our Sauerkraut

At a glance

Product overview:

  • Fasskraut
  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • no artificial colours
  • vegan
  • vegetarian
  • without preservatives

About Sauerkraut

Our present-day sauerkraut varieties originally came from the Mediterranean region and its popularity as a cultural and medicinal herb dates back to antiquity.

  • Harvested by hand and processed fresh

  • Our white cabbage comes from local farms

Barrel Sauerkraut

Our very mild and juicy Barrel Sauerkraut is made with care from harvest-fresh white cabbage. Very crisp with a variety of uses. Watch our video from our cooking box.

White cabbage

White cabbage is a vegetable that is in season especially in autumn and winter. White cabbage is the most consumed type of cabbage in Germany.

Guaranteed quality

We maintain long-standing, close partnerships with our farmers, some are already in the 3rd generation.

Fresh facts

The history of sauerkraut

It began at Kühne as early as 1905 with the introduction of sauerkraut production. Today, we offer many different varieties and seasoning for every taste.

The Krauts

It’s the term used by some Americans and Britons to refer to us Germans. In fact, however, the US and France have a higher per capita consumption of sauerkraut than the Germans.

A real miracle nutrient

Sauerkraut is rich in minerals and fibre and contains vitamin B12 which is only present in animal products, making it particularly valuable to vegetarians.

Literary classics

Wilhelm Busch immortalised sauerkraut in his book "Max and Moritz" written in 1865:
"At that moment down the cellar
Dreaming not what soon befell her
Widow Tibbets went for sour
Kraut, which she would oft devour
With exceeding great desire
Warmed a little at the fire"