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Growing your own fruit and vegetables

Growing your own

fruit and vegetables

Home-grown fruits and vegetables simply taste best! What’s more, you don’t really need to have a large garden or invest hours of work to grow fruit and vegetables. It can be done quite easily on the balcony or terrace.


Fresh fruit and vegetables are simply a part of summer – and most of all, they taste best when fresh from the field or garden and are home-grown. Tomatoes in a summer salad, strawberries and cream, fresh herbs on Sunday rolls – everything can be home-grown. Trying your hand at hobby gardening and growing your own fruit and vegetables is child’s play.

The right plants

The best plants for beginners are herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots as well as strawberries and radishes. They grow well without requiring a great deal of care and don’t need much space. Seed packets can be found in many stores.

The right accessories

All you need are balcony boxes, pots with different depths – for carrots, there are special pots that are deep enough –, potting soil and small garden shovels. You can also purchase a small greenhouse for the balcony or the terrace to sow the plant seeds.

Proper care

The package explains how much sun and water each plant needs and at which temperature they feel most comfortable. Just stick to the instructions and soon you the plants will begin sprouting about and you can look forward to your own harvest.