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Summer vases from preserving jars

Summer vases

from preserving jars

Satinised bottles

You will need:

  • Fantastic polished effect with special paint
  • Preserving jars or bottles
  • Satin paint (craft supplies)
  • Crepe tape
  • A small sponge
  • Sharp knife

Here’s how:

Clean the glass jar or bottle, then tape the sections which should not be painted with the crepe tape. Apply the satin paint sparingly and dab evenly with the sponge. Let dry or bake in the oven according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions. Before peeling off the adhesive tape, cut along the edge with a sharp knife to get completely clean edges. Your vase is ready and looks polished!

Tip: You can also achieve a similar effect with matte adhesive film. They are available at the DIY store or craft supplies shop.

Glasses with straws

You will need:

  • Old, straight preserving jars
  • Colourful straws with large diameter
  • Scissors

Here’s how:

Cut the drinking straws with the scissors into different lengths, then completely fill the jar with them until they are firmly in place. Pour water into the jar, decorate by placing the individual flowers in the straws.

Jars on colourful beaded string

You will need:

  • Preserving jars
  • Colourful wooden beads
  • Thin craft wire, pliers

Here’s how:

Snip off a long piece of wire. String the wooden on the wire until the loop of beads can be placed around the jar opening. Twist both ends of the wire together so that the jar sits snugly in the loop of beads. Now double over the ends of the wire and thread with more beads. Once you have a long enough loop, twirl the wire on the opposed side until it is snug.