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Our vegetables

At a glance

Our vegetables

At a glance

About Vegetables

Pickled vegetables are pickled in a boiled brine made from vinegar with salt, spices, herbs, natural flavours and sugars. During the winter, pickled vegetables were for a long time one of the main sources of vitamins in regions where it was not possible to harvest vegetables year-round due to climatic reasons.

  • Harvested by hand and processed fresh

  • Certified and approved suppliers of raw materials

Local diversity

Regionally grown vegetables taste better, prevent unnecessary environmental impact resulting from transportation and entice consumers to rediscover the diversity in the changing of the seasons.

The infusion makes the difference

Our vegetables get their special flavour from a finely balanced infusion and selected ingredients. The almost 300-years of experience in producing vinegar is a further guarantee for the best quality.

Guaranteed quality

We maintain long-standing, close partnerships with our farmers, some are already in the 3rd generation.

Fresh facts

A vegetable with tradition

Vegetables are in our genes. We have been producing beetroot, pearl onions and many other vegetables with passion and top quality since 1950.

Carrot on a stick

Reward yourself with a healthy snack. Small, baby carrots are short and blunt, compared to regular carrots which are elongated thin.

Mixed Pickles

This side dish is originally from the East Indies, but today it is mainly popular in England and in North America. The name comes from mixed pickled gherkins.

Five a day keep the doctor away

Eating five daily servings of vegetables provides the body with vitamins, minerals and fibre, as well as secondary plant compounds, thus making an important contribution to a balanced diet.