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Our vinegar At a glance

Our vinegar

At a glance


Fresh facts

The history of vinegar

It began in 1722 with a small vinegar distillery in Berlin. In 1876, Kühne is appointed purveyor of the court by William I, and SUROL has been on the market since 1905 and has long written history as one of the first brand items in Germany.

Sour grapes? Not just ...

Vinegar is considered a panacea and enjoys great popularity as food beyond other uses. Ideally suited for cleaning and descaling or even as a remedy or bath ingredient, because vinegar cleans the skin and clears the airways.

In balance

Vinegar is said to greatly contribute to inner well-being. People in Asia especially, believe in the cleansing effect of vinegar. There are plasters with apple cider vinegar for applying to the sole of feet to help the body cleanse and detox itself.

Sour = vinegar?

Not everything that is sour may be called vinegar. For example, fermented vinegar must have a minimum acidity of 5%, wine vinegar 6%. Aceto Balsamico di Modena I.G.P. also has specific requirements.
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