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Made for Meat

They Top Everything!

Made for Meat

They Top Everything!


It’s now no longer a question of: gas or coal? Instead, it’s all about Aji Panca Chili, Indian Curry or Cranberry BBQ. These are our three new grilling sauces by Kühne. What they all have in common: Made for Meat. Their taste? Super tasty ingredients from around the world.

  • International inspiration

  • Our ingredients come from approved and certified suppliers


MADE FOR MEAT are the new premium sauces with internationally inspired recipes.

Something for everyone!

For hot times, we have tasteful companions that go great with meat, fish and vegetables. No flavour enhancers or preservatives and in many delicious varieties.

Natural BBQ Enjoyment

For authentic BBQ enjoyment we pass on using additives, flavour enhancers and flavourings.